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July Events

We have some awesome events this month.  Swing by for a local author, Delphine Boswell, book reading or music or trivia.

All of our musicians in this month are amazing.  Whether you want quiet acoustic singer songwriter night, jazz, funk or rock…we have a night of live music you will love.

We are also raising money for Amara this month through One Bean.  July 10th Amara will be in the house 7-9pm answering questions and ready to mingle.  Or just swing by for a friend for a beer/wine and know part of your check will go straight to Amara! Fun, low key social hour is open to everyone.  MarKee will be donating 15 percent back to this great organization July 10th.

The Gig Harbor Super Business Group

Supporting the local community takes on many forms. In addition to giving back through our One Bean program,  we host fundraising events and provide meeting space for local businesses groups and organizations. One  of our regular groups is the Gig Harbor Super Business Group:


Our Goal and Mission is to develop lasting business and professional friendships!

In June 2012, The Gig Harbor Super Business Group was founded by two friends.

It started as an idea centered on inviting business friends to a Wednesday morning breakfast meeting with the purpose of networking and sharing business victories and battles.  We had our first meeting at the MarketPlace Grill in the Finholm District of downtown Gig Harbor.

In our early meetings, everyone had an opportunity to speak about their businesses. We started scheduling a weekly featured speaker to add value to the group. Initially, the speaker was one of our members. This gave everyone an opportunity to speak to the group in far more detail about their business and the services they offered.


Meeting the needs of our members and the community.

We expanded to include outside speakers. This helped increase exposure for the group and its members with more business opportunities created. It also allowed the group to focus on and support our community. We began inviting other local business owners, elected officials, and CEO’s and community leaders. Speakers were requested based on the value they could bring to the group. Many of them became frequent visitors.

For the past two years, The Gig Harbor Super Business Group has been meeting at “The MarKee Café.” It is our fourth venue and hopefully our last. We enjoy the location and atmosphere. Angie & Courtney provide us with amazing service, food, java, and smiles making the location optimum.

In addition to the weekly meetings with 25-35 members and guests present, we have a very active Facebook group with more than 600 members. Our meeting format still includes a featured speaker. (We no longer solicit speaker. They now approach us and we are scheduled out two months in advance.) Following our speaker, members have an opportunity to address the group.


What sets us apart.

There are many types of business networking groups, but the GHSBG is unique. It has no official membership list, no dues, no fees, and is open to anyone and everyone regardless of their occupation. In fact, we even have retirees in the Group.

The other detail which sets this group apart – we are truly focused on building relationships, not selling. Many of our members provide actionable tips or advice. Some rarely even mention what they do!

If you are looking to meet other like-minded business owners in your community, build long-lasting relationships, and grow your business, we’d love to have you join us Wednesday mornings at Markee from 7:30 – 9:00.

We’ll see you soon.

Kurt Grimmer


March Events

We have a full calendar in March.  Swing by to join the fun.

The Mar in the MarKee

A few questions for owner, Courtney Marshall.

How long have you been in the coffee industry (a little history)?  What draws you to the cafe industry?

I started working in the coffee industry in 2002 (with Angie) while I was attending the University of Puget Sound and this is where I fell in love with it. I took a break between 2004 – 2007 to travel and ‘work in the real world’ but the work I was doing did not provide much enjoyment. When the opportunity to manage a coffee shop was offered, I jumped at it. In 2010 my husband and I were fortunate to buy our first coffee shop. In 2012 our shop was voted by secret shopper judges as a finalist for America’s Best Coffeehouse competition where we competed at Coffeefest and placed in the top six coffeehouses in the US and Canada.

My favorite part of the industry is that it’s centered around social interaction. We live in a face-paced world that has a lot of distractions and it’s easy to get caught up in it.


What are you most excited about when it comes to MarKee?  What do you think makes MarKee special?

The nerdy food and coffee geek in me loves making a great cup of coffee or a new tasty dish but, the thing that makes me most excited about is to see people enjoying life in our space.

MarKee is special because we are fun, welcoming and have something that people want to be a part of. It’s the perfect combination – great music, events, excellent food, wine, coffee, beer, friendly owners and staff and a relaxed, welcoming and inviting atmosphere that is FAMILY FRIENDLY.


What areas do you focus on in the business and why?

Being small means we both wear a lot of hats as we don’t have large budget. Some things I am responsible for is strategic: planning, preparation, researching and evaluating new ideas and products and helping in getting them implemented, improving processes, clarifying ideas and values, and visioning to stay relevant. Not all are done as well as I would like, but all are a constant focal point. There is also the occasional machine maintenance, plumbing, payroll, interviewing, hiring, training, trivia hosting, and more – it all just depends on the day!


What would you like people to know about you?

For me, a life of purpose is not based on making money, but rather, to have significant relationships, to learn more about the world through travel and submerging myself in other cultures, and to work in a job that I love that also allows me to make a meaningful impact.

February Events

Flock of Beagles Use Talent for GOOD

The Flock of Beagles are playing their next show January 6th, 7-10pm at Gig Harbor MarKee.  The show will benefit Stand Up for Peninsula Schools (SUP).   SUP’s mission is to help promote the passage of Peninsula School District (PSD) bond and levy measures and communicate the funding impacts on our schools and community.  Their efforts help make sure our schools continue to be pillars of the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula communities.

The Flock of Beagles are seasoned musicians from Seattle area coming together to play all the favorite “comfort music” that everyone knows and can sing along – whether you know the words or not. This mixed with less popular B-Side songs (some of us are old enough to know what that means) brings together an amazing repertoire of selections guaranteed to light up everyone’s life, even for only a brief evening together… perfection, honoring the song and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this band.

We remember vividly when Doug approached us about playing at MarKee last year.  He was persistent (sometimes it takes Angie a minute to get to booking!) and also showed up to many other shows to support local artists.  We were new at booking bands and learning a lot about our event nights.  Doug’s persistence paid off and we are grateful for their partnership.   He and his bandmates are full of energy and sound great.  We finally got around to booking them and they have been on the regular rotation ever since.  Not only do they put on a great, high energy show, they are really easy to work with.

About two weeks ago, Steve Swanson, emailed to let us know they would be using their earnings from their 2018 shows to give back to causes they believe in.  They did one benefit show last year at MarKee benefiting Seattle Beagle Rescue and donated $500 for the organization.

We said, “AWESOME.”  This is so amazing that they are willing to use their talents to help others, plus let MarKee be part of the process.  When we asked them why…

Swanson said, “Our group has been friends and playing together for many decades in the Puget Sound communities.  Recently, we all decided we wanted to give back to our local region by donating our gig proceeds to our favorite charities.  We selected SUP because of our connection with the local community, The MarKee, your gracious patrons and your friendship and generosity to us for the past few years.  As much as we can, The Flock of Beagles will continue to donate our musical talents and services to those local charities we believe in.”

What do The Flock of Beagles play? Beatles and Eagles (Beatles + Eagles = Beagles), Steely Dan, Jimmy Buffett, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Elvis, Stones, Kinks, Van Morrison, CSN and literally hundreds of other songs…

Come by Jan 6th OR anytime you see them playing.  You are supporting others while having FUN!

January 2018 Event Schedule

Check Facebook and our website calendar for events also.

Gig Harbor Super Business Group

The Gig Harbor Super Business Group (GHSBG) is a community oriented business networking group.  Everyone is involved in commerce within their community and the GHSBG nurtures this through weekly meetings and its Facebook page.  Open to anyone & everyone, and the best part, “ITS FREE”.  Join us on Wednesdays 7:30am at and everyday on .

Soon after we opened, Kurt Grimmer approached us and asked if his GHSBG could meet at MarKee every Wednesday morning.  We are always willing to try anything and said “sure.”  Little did we know how awesome this group is.   Through this group, we have met amazing members of our greater Gig Harbor/South Sound community.  We see them in the shop supporting us outside of the morning meeting and around town doing business.   From our point of view, this group fits perfectly with MarKee and are honored they choose to meet at MarKee.  Everyone is  excited to learn something new each week, trying to connect with others and support each other.  A true definition of community.

Thank you GHSBG for making our community stronger by connecting PEOPLE doing business.

Finding Balance and Making Choices

MarKee decided to close our Old Town MarKee location on November 1, 2017.    We were open in Old Town for one year and it was a year full of growth for us.  We did our best with the cards that were dealt and feel we found a great solution for everyone involved.   One night we looked at each other while we were closing up late, again, with sick kids at home and said…nope, this isn’t going to work.  We need a better solution.  We made a few phone calls and within three weeks had our solution.   We choose our family and focusing on Gig Harbor MarKee.  We know we can continue to make Gig Harbor MarKee great while still thriving in other areas of our lives.   Thank you all for your continued support on our journey as business owners, business partners, friends, moms, wives and community members.   We look forward to this holiday season full of energy and memory making with our village.




November Events


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