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January 2018 Event Schedule

Check Facebook and our website calendar for events also.

Gig Harbor Super Business Group

The Gig Harbor Super Business Group (GHSBG) is a community oriented business networking group.  Everyone is involved in commerce within their community and the GHSBG nurtures this through weekly meetings and its Facebook page.  Open to anyone & everyone, and the best part, “ITS FREE”.  Join us on Wednesdays 7:30am at and everyday on .

Soon after we opened, Kurt Grimmer approached us and asked if his GHSBG could meet at MarKee every Wednesday morning.  We are always willing to try anything and said “sure.”  Little did we know how awesome this group is.   Through this group, we have met amazing members of our greater Gig Harbor/South Sound community.  We see them in the shop supporting us outside of the morning meeting and around town doing business.   From our point of view, this group fits perfectly with MarKee and are honored they choose to meet at MarKee.  Everyone is  excited to learn something new each week, trying to connect with others and support each other.  A true definition of community.

Thank you GHSBG for making our community stronger by connecting PEOPLE doing business.

Finding Balance and Making Choices

MarKee decided to close our Old Town MarKee location on November 1, 2017.    We were open in Old Town for one year and it was a year full of growth for us.  We did our best with the cards that were dealt and feel we found a great solution for everyone involved.   One night we looked at each other while we were closing up late, again, with sick kids at home and said…nope, this isn’t going to work.  We need a better solution.  We made a few phone calls and within three weeks had our solution.   We choose our family and focusing on Gig Harbor MarKee.  We know we can continue to make Gig Harbor MarKee great while still thriving in other areas of our lives.   Thank you all for your continued support on our journey as business owners, business partners, friends, moms, wives and community members.   We look forward to this holiday season full of energy and memory making with our village.




November Events


Catering Platters

We have been working hard to create custom platters for our customers.  We can do a lot of different platter options for pick up or create a custom experience at MarKee.  Ask us about what we can do for your next meeting or party.  Look for a holiday catering menu posted soon.


Gig Harbor October Events

Music at MarKee

MarKee is honored and proud to to support live music in our shops.  We invest a lot of resource into bringing opportunities for the community to support local musicians.  We host open mic nights, Sunday jazz and consistently have live music Friday and Saturday nights.  We encourage you to choose to support our local talent by dropping into MarKee when music is happening.   Buy dinner, coffee, a glass of wine or pint of beer.  Stay all night or pop in for a nightcap.  These choices directly impacts our ability to provide this music consistently.   We believe in bringing people together and also supporting what others are passionate about.   We have so many talented people in our area who genuinely love to share their music.   Check our events calendar on our website to stay up to date on who is playing when!   Bring your children to hear live music in a safe setting.  Bring your girlfriends, partner, friends or come alone.   We strive to provide a welcoming, happening atmosphere.  Music fills our shop many times during the week.   Be part of something special in our community.

September Events

We always have a lot going on at MarKee.  Check our calendar.  Gig Harbor Events Calendar below:


Many people have asked us what we love about MarKee over the past year.  As we continue to love many aspects of our business one theme keeps coming up: our community.   Community is such a broad term and can be looked at through many lenses.  How do we define it?

Monday night we had an event in Gig Harbor that made us say…yes, THIS is what we love to do.  The Gig Harbor High School Speech and Debate team came in to perform a showcase for friends, parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone interested.  While the crowd was a lot of friends and family in supporting the team, we had several customers come in to see what was going on and decide to stay.   The scholars were awesome.  The high school kids in supporting their friends were engaged.  The families were proud.  We had one grandfather tell us how proud he was and excited he was to be able to see his grandchild in action.    Teachers, school board members, the high school superintendent and people from the community came together to support a positive activity in our space.  Nothing could make us happier.  All this while raising a bit of money for the team and their big trip to nationals.

The other piece of this event that we love is that this idea was hatched in a conversation in the shop.  We decided all together…hey, let’s try it.  We don’t know if it will work or if we will raise much money, but yes, let’s try it.

This happens every single day at MarKee.  People interact face to face and share ideas.  This is what community is all about…building relationships, sharing ideas and supporting positive activities.  MarKee loves community in every aspect you can think of.  This is what drives us.  There is no cookie cutter way to make great things happen.  What we are focused on is creating a space where people connect over food and drinks, share ideas and come together to support each other.    Follow our calendar or come by to check out the event board.  We have something going on most days of the week!

One Year and Counting

It has been one year since we opened GH MarKee.  Whew…what a year.   Let’s talk about how much fun we have had getting to know our community.  We have regulars we love, we meet new people every single day and we have established some great relationships with vendors, business leaders and other business owners.  Our mugs are overflowing.

This past year has not come without challenges of every kind but together and with our families we have been able to manage through them.  This has been the most rewarding affirmation for both of us.  We can handle what the world throws at us and still laugh.  Some days may not be pretty but they are real and we are doing our best to be great business owners, friends, employers, MOMS, WIVES and community members.

We opened our second location in Old Town Tacoma in November…just eight months into our first endeavor.  The opportunity came up and we couldn’t pass it up.   I mean, this is the MarKee way…let’s do it.  We love Old Town and enjoy being part of that community, as well.   For us, it feels like a complete circle…University of Puget Sound is where we planned the dream to own MarKee together.  Plus, we like to talk about running Ruston & up Carr like we used to do…summer is coming…

We can’t say enough about the relationships that have enriched our lives over the past year.  AND it’s only been one year…we are ready to make the next year even better!  Let’s do it together!

Courtney and Angie

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