Many people have asked us what we love about MarKee over the past year.  As we continue to love many aspects of our business one theme keeps coming up: our community.   Community is such a broad term and can be looked at through many lenses.  How do we define it?

Monday night we had an event in Gig Harbor that made us say…yes, THIS is what we love to do.  The Gig Harbor High School Speech and Debate team came in to perform a showcase for friends, parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone interested.  While the crowd was a lot of friends and family in supporting the team, we had several customers come in to see what was going on and decide to stay.   The scholars were awesome.  The high school kids in supporting their friends were engaged.  The families were proud.  We had one grandfather tell us how proud he was and excited he was to be able to see his grandchild in action.    Teachers, school board members, the high school superintendent and people from the community came together to support a positive activity in our space.  Nothing could make us happier.  All this while raising a bit of money for the team and their big trip to nationals.

The other piece of this event that we love is that this idea was hatched in a conversation in the shop.  We decided all together…hey, let’s try it.  We don’t know if it will work or if we will raise much money, but yes, let’s try it.

This happens every single day at MarKee.  People interact face to face and share ideas.  This is what community is all about…building relationships, sharing ideas and supporting positive activities.  MarKee loves community in every aspect you can think of.  This is what drives us.  There is no cookie cutter way to make great things happen.  What we are focused on is creating a space where people connect over food and drinks, share ideas and come together to support each other.    Follow our calendar or come by to check out the event board.  We have something going on most days of the week!