The Flock of Beagles are playing their next show January 6th, 7-10pm at Gig Harbor MarKee.  The show will benefit Stand Up for Peninsula Schools (SUP).   SUP’s mission is to help promote the passage of Peninsula School District (PSD) bond and levy measures and communicate the funding impacts on our schools and community.  Their efforts help make sure our schools continue to be pillars of the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula communities.

The Flock of Beagles are seasoned musicians from Seattle area coming together to play all the favorite “comfort music” that everyone knows and can sing along – whether you know the words or not. This mixed with less popular B-Side songs (some of us are old enough to know what that means) brings together an amazing repertoire of selections guaranteed to light up everyone’s life, even for only a brief evening together… perfection, honoring the song and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this band.

We remember vividly when Doug approached us about playing at MarKee last year.  He was persistent (sometimes it takes Angie a minute to get to booking!) and also showed up to many other shows to support local artists.  We were new at booking bands and learning a lot about our event nights.  Doug’s persistence paid off and we are grateful for their partnership.   He and his bandmates are full of energy and sound great.  We finally got around to booking them and they have been on the regular rotation ever since.  Not only do they put on a great, high energy show, they are really easy to work with.

About two weeks ago, Steve Swanson, emailed to let us know they would be using their earnings from their 2018 shows to give back to causes they believe in.  They did one benefit show last year at MarKee benefiting Seattle Beagle Rescue and donated $500 for the organization.

We said, “AWESOME.”  This is so amazing that they are willing to use their talents to help others, plus let MarKee be part of the process.  When we asked them why…

Swanson said, “Our group has been friends and playing together for many decades in the Puget Sound communities.  Recently, we all decided we wanted to give back to our local region by donating our gig proceeds to our favorite charities.  We selected SUP because of our connection with the local community, The MarKee, your gracious patrons and your friendship and generosity to us for the past few years.  As much as we can, The Flock of Beagles will continue to donate our musical talents and services to those local charities we believe in.”

What do The Flock of Beagles play? Beatles and Eagles (Beatles + Eagles = Beagles), Steely Dan, Jimmy Buffett, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Elvis, Stones, Kinks, Van Morrison, CSN and literally hundreds of other songs…

Come by Jan 6th OR anytime you see them playing.  You are supporting others while having FUN!