Supporting the local community takes on many forms. In addition to giving back through our One Bean program,  we host fundraising events and provide meeting space for local businesses groups and organizations. One  of our regular groups is the Gig Harbor Super Business Group:


Our Goal and Mission is to develop lasting business and professional friendships!

In June 2012, The Gig Harbor Super Business Group was founded by two friends.

It started as an idea centered on inviting business friends to a Wednesday morning breakfast meeting with the purpose of networking and sharing business victories and battles.  We had our first meeting at the MarketPlace Grill in the Finholm District of downtown Gig Harbor.

In our early meetings, everyone had an opportunity to speak about their businesses. We started scheduling a weekly featured speaker to add value to the group. Initially, the speaker was one of our members. This gave everyone an opportunity to speak to the group in far more detail about their business and the services they offered.


Meeting the needs of our members and the community.

We expanded to include outside speakers. This helped increase exposure for the group and its members with more business opportunities created. It also allowed the group to focus on and support our community. We began inviting other local business owners, elected officials, and CEO’s and community leaders. Speakers were requested based on the value they could bring to the group. Many of them became frequent visitors.

For the past two years, The Gig Harbor Super Business Group has been meeting at “The MarKee Café.” It is our fourth venue and hopefully our last. We enjoy the location and atmosphere. Angie & Courtney provide us with amazing service, food, java, and smiles making the location optimum.

In addition to the weekly meetings with 25-35 members and guests present, we have a very active Facebook group with more than 600 members. Our meeting format still includes a featured speaker. (We no longer solicit speaker. They now approach us and we are scheduled out two months in advance.) Following our speaker, members have an opportunity to address the group.


What sets us apart.

There are many types of business networking groups, but the GHSBG is unique. It has no official membership list, no dues, no fees, and is open to anyone and everyone regardless of their occupation. In fact, we even have retirees in the Group.

The other detail which sets this group apart – we are truly focused on building relationships, not selling. Many of our members provide actionable tips or advice. Some rarely even mention what they do!

If you are looking to meet other like-minded business owners in your community, build long-lasting relationships, and grow your business, we’d love to have you join us Wednesday mornings at Markee from 7:30 – 9:00.

We’ll see you soon.

Kurt Grimmer