The Gig Harbor Super Business Group (GHSBG) is a community oriented business networking group.  Everyone is involved in commerce within their community and the GHSBG nurtures this through weekly meetings and its Facebook page.  Open to anyone & everyone, and the best part, “ITS FREE”.  Join us on Wednesdays 7:30am at and everyday on .

Soon after we opened, Kurt Grimmer approached us and asked if his GHSBG could meet at MarKee every Wednesday morning.  We are always willing to try anything and said “sure.”  Little did we know how awesome this group is.   Through this group, we have met amazing members of our greater Gig Harbor/South Sound community.  We see them in the shop supporting us outside of the morning meeting and around town doing business.   From our point of view, this group fits perfectly with MarKee and are honored they choose to meet at MarKee.  Everyone is  excited to learn something new each week, trying to connect with others and support each other.  A true definition of community.

Thank you GHSBG for making our community stronger by connecting PEOPLE doing business.