37 days into opening MarKee, Courtney and I are so grateful for the community that has wrapped a virtual hug around our little shop. From LIVE music- kicking off with the Shy Boys (who doesn’t love them!) to the resurection of Trivia Night Wednesdays we are in full Spring swing. Thank you to our customers who have given us the grace to fix the small stuff and the feedback of what they LOVE, I think we have a good stream of “regulars” now! A sincere thank you to our amazing employees who have worked long and hard hours to learn everything they need to know at turbo speed, thank you for your commitment to bringing the best service to our neighbors who come for a latte or a sandwhich, LIVE music or a place to work. And finally to our friends & families, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you- Courtney and I, with 5 babies between the two of us, could not do it without our village. Let’s raise a glass to the Gig Harbor community for shopping local and living local, this is just the beginning.

Hugs & Lattes,


(That’s my awesome family, I just love them!)