It has been one year since we opened GH MarKee.  Whew…what a year.   Let’s talk about how much fun we have had getting to know our community.  We have regulars we love, we meet new people every single day and we have established some great relationships with vendors, business leaders and other business owners.  Our mugs are overflowing.

This past year has not come without challenges of every kind but together and with our families we have been able to manage through them.  This has been the most rewarding affirmation for both of us.  We can handle what the world throws at us and still laugh.  Some days may not be pretty but they are real and we are doing our best to be great business owners, friends, employers, MOMS, WIVES and community members.

We opened our second location in Old Town Tacoma in November…just eight months into our first endeavor.  The opportunity came up and we couldn’t pass it up.   I mean, this is the MarKee way…let’s do it.  We love Old Town and enjoy being part of that community, as well.   For us, it feels like a complete circle…University of Puget Sound is where we planned the dream to own MarKee together.  Plus, we like to talk about running Ruston & up Carr like we used to do…summer is coming…

We can’t say enough about the relationships that have enriched our lives over the past year.  AND it’s only been one year…we are ready to make the next year even better!  Let’s do it together!

Courtney and Angie