A few questions for owner, Courtney Marshall.

How long have you been in the coffee industry (a little history)?  What draws you to the cafe industry?

I started working in the coffee industry in 2002 (with Angie) while I was attending the University of Puget Sound and this is where I fell in love with it. I took a break between 2004 – 2007 to travel and ‘work in the real world’ but the work I was doing did not provide much enjoyment. When the opportunity to manage a coffee shop was offered, I jumped at it. In 2010 my husband and I were fortunate to buy our first coffee shop. In 2012 our shop was voted by secret shopper judges as a finalist for America’s Best Coffeehouse competition where we competed at Coffeefest and placed in the top six coffeehouses in the US and Canada.

My favorite part of the industry is that it’s centered around social interaction. We live in a face-paced world that has a lot of distractions and it’s easy to get caught up in it.


What are you most excited about when it comes to MarKee?  What do you think makes MarKee special?

The nerdy food and coffee geek in me loves making a great cup of coffee or a new tasty dish but, the thing that makes me most excited about is to see people enjoying life in our space.

MarKee is special because we are fun, welcoming and have something that people want to be a part of. It’s the perfect combination – great music, events, excellent food, wine, coffee, beer, friendly owners and staff and a relaxed, welcoming and inviting atmosphere that is FAMILY FRIENDLY.


What areas do you focus on in the business and why?

Being small means we both wear a lot of hats as we don’t have large budget. Some things I am responsible for is strategic: planning, preparation, researching and evaluating new ideas and products and helping in getting them implemented, improving processes, clarifying ideas and values, and visioning to stay relevant. Not all are done as well as I would like, but all are a constant focal point. There is also the occasional machine maintenance, plumbing, payroll, interviewing, hiring, training, trivia hosting, and more – it all just depends on the day!


What would you like people to know about you?

For me, a life of purpose is not based on making money, but rather, to have significant relationships, to learn more about the world through travel and submerging myself in other cultures, and to work in a job that I love that also allows me to make a meaningful impact.